Client Results

Les Petits Child Care Logo

Les Petits Child Care contacted me with hopes of raising their website's ranking in Google and other search engines. Starting out their website was ranking on the 3rd or 4th page of Google for relevant child care keywords in their area. After a few short months we were able to bring their website to the first few ranking spots on Google for 14 different solid child care keywords. Click this link to see a chart of the 14 keywords and the average position as of July 2014. Please feel free to also test their current ranking by going to Google and testing any of the keywords. If you are not in the Petaluma area make sure to add Petaluma to the search query.


Miss Ann's Home Child Care Logo

Miss Ann's Home Child Care was one of the first websites I designed and developed. I have worked with this provider for a few years now and we have been able to make tremendous improvements to her home business. Miss Ann's Child Care ranks on page 1 of Google for many relevant keywords and has a great standing on other sites like, Google+ and Facebook. The demand for Miss Ann's services has become high enough that she is not only full but now works with a much higher level of clientelle.


  • High Conversion Website Design
  • First page of Google for relevant keywords
  • Additional traffic sources including Facebook, Google Business, Yelp and more

Test My SEO!

Please feel free to test some of my clients' search engine rankings. Simply put yourself in a customer's position and search for a service my clients provide. For example, do a Google search for 'Daycare in Petaluma', you should see Les Petits Child Care on page 1. Make sure if you are out of the client's area you type in their location along with the service keyword.

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Bryon Web Design

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Web Design

Personalize your website to your business needs. Pick a style that gives your business a personality online.

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Bring your business image online with pictures, videos, maps, and more.

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Skip the middleman - Work directly with me to make sure all your needs are met. No outsourcing, or having to deal with a new programmer every time you need an update.

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I make myself available to answer all of your concerns and make updates to your site quickly.

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Marketing and SEO

Web Design includes consultation on how to market and optimize your site for big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Bryon Web Design

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No holding, no tech talk, and no compromising.

My web design services are tailored to serve your needs as a small business owner. I simplify all the web mumbo-jumbo and work directly with you to bring the life of your business online. My search engine optimization services have brought business owners to the first page of Google and other serach engines without a penny down for advertising.

Web Technologies

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As a larger percent of web browsing is done on mobile devices we need to make websites that accomodate them.

Different web browsers read websites differently and sometimes a website will open on one but not another. Bryon Webdesign guarantees your website will open properly on all the top web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. I will additionally test it on popular mobile devices to make sure you aren't losing any traffic.